Digital Indirect Bonding for

Any Bracket Fast 5 Day Turnaround Time Lowering Costs

Busy Orthodontists


See a 9 Minute Video Demo of the DIBS AI Platform


Step 1

Fill out and submit and RX form, and your intraoral scans

Step 2

Review and adjust patient cases we setup for you

Step 3

Bond with patented trays that fit precisely and comfortably


Yes! Other than Alexander and FAST brackets, DIBS AI accepts all stock brackets available on the market today – including metal, ceramic, twin, self-ligating, Roth, whatever. 

DIBS AI is the digital IDB system used by KLOwen and Braces on Demand/Blueprint/Monolithic custom brackets too!

Onboarding is usually completed in 2 weeks and includes verifying and digitizing your preferred bracket prescriptions + a minimum of 3 training sessions for both Doctors and Staff. The training is usually a Zoom Meeting format, and includes:

a) Case Submission Training – including connecting your scanner software to OrthoSelect’s lab for submitting intraoral scans

b) Approval Training – with the doctor primarily. Best practice is to review and approve real patient cases together as part of this training.

c) Clinical Training – with doctor and staff. OrthoSelect will provide models, trays, and brackets to allow staff to practice bonding before they are facing the patient. 

5 Business Days Overall – from Case Submission to Doorstep Delivery. This time is VERY dependent on the Doctor approving cases promptly.

How long from Submission to when the case is available for Doctor Approval? There are various factors at play…but typically just a few hours. We guarantee this turnaround time will be less than 12 business hours.

Its simple. For a custom setup of your bracket prescription and unlimited training we charge a one-time Onboarding Fee of $995. After that, there is a simple case fee of $165 for a case with basic setup when OrthoSelect Prints or $130 if printed in-office. Single arch cases are 50% of the fee.

There is no subscriptionor minimums.

Standard service is a 5 Business Day Turnaround Time as well as Courier Fees if shipped within the continental United States. All other shipping is charged the incremental difference (we DO bundle cases to save shipping costs!)